Our product is designed for use by scooter sharing networks and significantly ease the most time and money consuming business process - charging the scooters.

The key element is a swappable battery.

Complete with scooter mount it allows you to convert almost any scooter onto rechargeable in a minutes.
Scooter daily revenue is not limited by the inbuilt battery now! So you can fully meet 24/7 demand. All your scooters in on the streets, not on charging.
Battery swap is much easier and quicker than moving entire scooter back and forth.
So your main cost, charging, is 50-80% less.
The high utilisation rate, more efficient business processes lead to profitability, reduce time to investment return.
Revenue increase
Costs cut
Higher margin
Specs & feautures
Universal swappable battery
Battery mount system
Modular charging station
36V, 10Ah, 360Wh, up to 30 km/20 mi
Intelligent power control, monitoring, history and self-diagnostic
Shockproof: IP67 and MIL-STD-810
Fits any common scooter, 10 minutes installation time
NFC / App activated lock and authorisation
Antivandal design & theft protection
Adjustable number of charging slots
Uses standard 127/220V socket
Modular system for standard 19-inch rack
How it works
How it looks
Who we are
We are RAIDO company, the group of skilled professionals in engineering, hardware & software, with experience in building successful scooter sharing networks.
Based on our own experience, we know the pains and bottlenecks of this business. This is why we created specific hardware, to optimise most time and money consuming task - charging the scooters.
We are getting ready to launch mass production, and now looking for a scooter sharing networks ready to move to profitability.

We kindly invite you to participate in our "Evaluation Program" starting on June 2019. During 3-months long period, you can receive our equipment for testing purposes, before you'll be ready to reserve your quote in mass production batch.

Hurry up, the number of kits is limited!
What we can do for you
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